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The Hairdresser's Nightmare...A client comes in and says: "If you could do anything with my hair what would you do with it?"

Our job as hairdressers is to make you love your hair. So let's talk about it! I have come up with this straightforward, no-nonsense approach, which is composed of two parts.

The first part contains questions you need to ask yourself, and the second part contains questions that I will ask you at your Complimentary Consultation.

I'm sure that once we have determined what your haircolor is now. I can help you select the best type of haircolor to use. Together we can decide what look is suitable for your lifestyle. I will teach you to re-create it at home, and advise you how much time and money it will take to maintain it.

We all want "The Best Look" for our features, but we have to remember is that even if you are lucky enough to achieve it, would you wear it for the rest of your life? Does this mean that's it!? "Even if it is not the "right" look for you, you are right for trying. Be bold!" - Andrew DiSimone

What about change and trying different things? When thinking of change, please try to keep an open mind. "Remember talking about change and changing are two different things." - Andrew DiSimone

Read and answer the questions below honestly, and Book Your Complimentary Consultation.
Call 212-249-8866 or we can discuss it through email.

1 - What lengths do I feel comfortable in?
2 - How do I choose the right color for my skin tone?
3 - How do I choose the right style and or color for me?
4 - What styles suit my personal or professional life?
5 - Is my look more natural or funky?
6 - Is it my look practical for my time restrictions, and maintenance schedule?
7 - Can my hair look full and healthy, even if I don't do anything to it?

1 - What would you consider the length of your hair?
A) Short B) Medium C) Long

2 - Out of only three color categories, would you consider yourself?
A) Blonde B) Brunette C) Redhead

3- What is your Natural Level on the Chart? (1-10)

Level is the lightness or darkness of the hair. It has nothing to do with color. It is based on a score of 1-10, one being the darkest and ten being the lightest.

To help you with this, look at the chart below. Pick the one closest to the level of your hair.

1- Black
2- Darkest Brown
3- Dark Brown
4- Medium Brown
5- Light Brown
6- Dark Blonde
7- Medium Blonde
8- Light Blonde
9- Lightest Blonde
10- White Blonde

4 - Where are you on the Tone Chart?
All warm tones simply have gold or red undertones. Ash tones do not.

See below for different hair tones at the same level.


Print the hair Color Tone Chart and Hair Level Chart.
Try to Match an actual piece of hair in your fingers tips to the color print out.
Face a mirror in a well lit room, like your bathroom.

5 - What lengths & styles would you consider? (Bring pictures.)

6 - How much time do you spend blow drying and/or styling your hair?
A) 0 minutes B) 15 minutes C) 45 minutes D) Unlimited

7 - What styling tools do you use?
A) Hairdryer B) Diffuser C) Flat Iron D) Curling Iron E) Hot or Velcro Roller F) Crimping Tools

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© Andrew DiSimone 2019


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